Star Ocean: The Last Hope Game for the Xbox 360 Game Console

Star Ocean wasn’t too popular in North America but there are some fans in the region who are eager and waiting for every Star Ocean release.

Star Ocean, however, is popular in Japan and in Asia and I think it is entirely because of the battle system.

Anyway, some of the newer installments are prequels and they are there to explain the events prior to the first few installments.

Today, I will talk about the Star Ocean: The Last Hope Game for the Xbox 360 Game Console.

This is an Xbox 360 exclusive and it focuses on Edge Maverick and his childhood best friend, Reimi Saionji.

The story begins in 2064 where the World War III was taking place. Nations from all around the world battle each other for resources as the world was dying.

Because of the Earth’s slow decline, Edge Maverick, one of the main protagonists, was asked to scour nearby planets so that humans on Earth can go there and make it their new habitat.

Of course, the game will not be dramatic if nothing wrong happens, right? During their time-jump, things go awry and they crash landed on a planet with mysterious elements.

The majority of the Star Ocean: The Last Hope Game for the Xbox 360 Game Console is based upon searching a new habitat for humanity.

But in all honesty, searching for a new habitat for humanity is just a small fraction of the game which makes Star Ocean: The Last Hope Game for the Xbox 360 Game Console a great one if you’re into sci-fi RPG.

Now, I want to talk about the two main characters in the game because they have a big impact in the game in general.

Edge Maverick is one of the main protagonists in the game. He was a former ship hand but was later promoted to being the ship captain of the SRF-003 Cainus. He resembles Captain America in that his ideals are always for the good of humanity.

Early in the game, he is accompanied by his childhood friend, Reimi Saionji. Reimi is a master of the bow and he was able to go with Edge Maverick on a mission to find another habitat for humanity because she passed the USTA examinations with very impressive scores.

The both of them will then be accompanied by various other characters that have different but complementary personalities.

The gameplay of Star Ocean: The Last Hope is also quite good. It still sports nearly the same battle system to that of its predecessors with a few good additions.

For one, there is a rush gauge where players can execute Preemptive strikes to their opponent before the battle begins.

Also, there is also a feature called “blindsides” which allows characters to go behind their enemy and do a quick attack.

The combat system also introduces a new feature called the “BEAT” or the Battle Enhancement Attribute Type system. Basically, this feature allows you to control other characters and have them do some preset things.

For example, you can command other characters to do an offensive attack on the enemy. Should things go awry, you can always command them to be more on the defensive and defend you and other characters who are low on health.

Although this didn’t receive as much praise as it did in other countries, the Star Ocean: The Last Hope Game for the Xbox 360 Game Console is still a worthy installment in the franchise.